The Cabbage Gender Test

The cabbage test has been found to be at least 55 percent accurate.

The cabbage test is a method which has been used by many generations to determine the sex of the baby.

In a pot, pregnant mothers will need to mix half a head of chopped red cabbage with around 450ml of boiling water. After around 11 minutes at a simmer the cabbage water will turn a deep purple colour and be ready to carry out its rudimentary test of a mother’s urinary pH.

Expectant mothers will then need to strain the liquid of all the cabbage and then a mixture will need to be prepared which will consist of equal parts urine and cabbage water. Research has found that many mothers use a morning sample and mix this with the cabbage water as this is when the concentration will be at its highest.

If the cabbage water turns red/pink then a boy is on the way and if the cabbage water turns purple then this means you will have a girl. However it is important to point out that other wives tales think that the colour coding will actually be the other way around and that purple means a boy and faded means a girl.

The science behind it
Medical experts have shied away from stating their opinions with regard to the cabbage test. Many doctors have stated that there is a big difference in pH levels across all women, particularly when they are pregnant which is a factor that can either fade or leave cabbage water purple. Therefore an ultrasound appears to be the preferred way of determining the gender of a baby. Make sure you have reached the right stage of pregnancy before trying any type of gender prediction test. Online pregnancy calculators can help provide you with information about your due date and how many weeks pregnant you have been on a given date.

The cabbage test


The cabbage test