Ring On A String Gender Test

How Does The Ring On A String Gender Prediction Test Work?

For this test, you will need a piece of thread and your wedding ring. Tie the thread on the ring and hold it a few inches above your belly as you lie on a flat surface or on the bed. You can do this with your husband or friend. Let him/her hold the ring for you. If the wedding ring moves in a circle then you are expecting a baby girl. But if it’s moving in a front-back motion, then you are carrying a baby boy. You can also use a needle instead of a wedding ring.


Gender Test

When to Use This Test

Many women perform this gender test with their significant other, and it can be done at home at any time. Others may find they want everyone to share the experience and do the test with their friends at a girls’ night out in celebration of the upcoming birth. Some women even enjoy having their baby shower guests guess what the baby’s sex will be before performing the gender test at the gathering.

How Accurate Is The Ring On A String Gender Test?

The ring on a string gender prediction test is not scientifically proven, but for many years, women around the world have been using this method to predict the gender of their unborn babies. The string gender prediction test has been proven to be very accurate. But nobody knows how the test works.

Have Fun With The Ring On A String Gender Prediction Test…

One of the fun parts of being pregnant is finding out the sex of the baby. This test may not be a scientific, but it might hold you over until you find out for certain what lies beneath your baby bump. Just don’t run out and buy any gender-specific baby items based on your results