Old Wives Tales

Take a look below at all the old wives tales for baby gender prediction from the crazy to the super-cool… you will find them all here!

Old Wives Tales: Baby Boy or Girl?

You may be having a BOY if:

1:Your skin is glowing
2: Baby’s heart rate is less than 140
3: Ring Test – spins in circles
4: Dreams – of having the opposite sex baby
5: Partner gains weight with you
6: Areola becomes dark
7: Craving salty foods
8: Craving meat
9: Carrying low
10: Right breast is larger than left
11: carry like basketball shape
12: Gaining weight 
13:Your gut feeling says BOY
14: Act more clumsy
15: No Mornings sickness
16: Cold feet!
17: Can only think of boy names
18: If you have a son and their hairline in the back is a straight line – its another boy. If you have a daughter and her hairline in the back comes to a point, it’s a boy.
19: Urine is bright yellow
20: Frequent headaches
21: Dry skin
22: Hair is growing faster than usual
23: Fingernails and Toenails grow fast
24: ‘Glowing’ when carrying a boy
25: Your pillow points to the North
26: You sleep on your left side
27: Face shape is long and lean
28: Your toddler is not interested in your belly
29:  Chinese Gender Calendar

You may be having a GIRL if:

30. You have bad skin and spots all over
31. Baby’s heart rate is more than 140
32. Ring test – moves from side to side
33. Dreams – dreaming of a baby boy
34. Partner stays fit
35. Areola remains unchanged
36. Craving anything sweet
37. put of cups of tea
38.Carrying high
39. Left Breast is larger than right breast
40. Shape of belly is like a watermelon
41. Only gaining weight in belly
42. Your intuition says GIRL
43. You are graceful even when pregnant
44. Sick all day every day with morning sickness
45. Feet are not colder than usual
46. Can only think of girl names
47. If you have a son and their hairline comes to a point,i it may be a girl
If you have girl and their hairline is straight in the back, it may be another girl
48. Urine is dull 
49. No unusual amount of headaches
50. Skin is oily
51. Your good looks have disappeared 
52. Fingernails and toenails are not growing faster than normal.
53. Age at conception added to month of conception is an even number (Mayan Gender Prediction Chart)
54. Your Pillow points to the South
55. You sleep on your right side
56. Face shape is round
57. Toddlers are interested in your belly.

Old Wives Tales: Baby Gender Predictions are just for fun.