Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use The Gender Test?

Our Gender test is the most simplified self testing kit that is to be performed on first morning urine as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy. Uncap the test and place in midstream urine, allow the absorbent tip to be thoroughly wet (approx 5-7 seconds) or until colour change can be seen. then place the cap back on the test pen. the results will show within a minute.

What Is The Science Behind The Gender Test?

The Gender Test works by way of a reaction matrix between organic compounds and dry chemical solutions. This allows a colour metric to be displayed which represent the results making it the easier gender prediction test available

How Soon Can I Take The Test?

The test can be used as early as 6 weeks gestation.

What Colours Are Displayed?

Red and all shades represent Girl and all shades of blue identifies a Boy.

No Colour Change? Why? 

You may not have allowed the gender test to absorb much urine, repeat process and once the display window starts to change colour remove from urine flow and replace cap.

Alternative Method May Help…

If easier you may collect your urine sample in a pot and place the pen in to fully absorb the urine.

What Affects The Accuracy? Not following the basic steps correctly. its important that first passing of urine is used. the following are known to tilt the accuracy: unprotected sex less than 48 hours from taking the gender test, women taking pregnancy supplements are to leave a gap of 7-10 days before taking the gender test.

Do You Offer Refunds?

The Gender Predictor Test is a disposable piece of equipment that can only be used once, due to hygiene reasons we cant accept returns or offer refunds on used tests. We will offer refunds if item is unused and in the sealed original packaging it came in.

Please Note: Once the gender predictor test has been used the colour display will fade over time due to the moisture reduction in the chemical and urine.

The Legal Bit: While we our confident in our product and what we offer Gender Predictors Urine Test is viewed as a fun Non-Invasive way to predict the gender of your baby.  We don’t provide any accuracy to the result. The test is provided for entertainment purposes only. Gender Predictors Gender Test may not predict your baby’s gender with 100% accuracy.* Patent Pending Product *